There is no support in the OS nor are there any drivers to enable it. Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. Whallah, XP now recongizes the sata hdd so it can then format and install. I’d wager that the majority of mainstream users and even enthusiasts are more likely to take advantage of integrated or bundled Wi-Fi than a second Gigabit Ethernet option. Thanks so much for this help, it had taken me 2 days of trying to get my A8V-UA board to recognise the SATA hard drive, the most frustrating thign was that neither the promise or fasttrak drivers that came with the ASUS mobo on the support cd worked! Sorry to but in here but not sure where to make a new post. It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays.

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For a SPAN array: Setup loaded some files, then asked the F6 question. Thank you again Daniel. I had a asus p4p and it worked fine.

Asus User Guide and I come to the conclusion that some information must be wrong I had read about that method of frying a drive before I started, and didn’t feel like cooking anything! This site hosts no abandonware.

Asus A8V-E User Manual: Via Raid Configurations

I have a WD 74 gig 10, rpm sata hard drive. Tue Nov 02, 5: I think you would be a very valuable addition to http: Now I don’t want to go off on a rant here Time to x8v out the drive, get an RMA, and wait a month.


I tried to connect it, and I was able to boot in to windows. Your install instructions work fine for a single drive. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. If you want to mirror a drive rid existing information you will be asked to copy that information to the new drive.

rajd All I am trying to do is format my hard drive, however I cannot carry this out until I can get my computer to find my drive. I hope I included enough information to answer my questions, but if not, please let me know of any other info that would be helpful in addressing my current problems.

That is one reason I was worried about being able asys install win98 if I use sata optical drive or sata hard drive.

This whole event has inspired me to start looking at building a new beast from the motherboard up One drive I boot from, the other is asjs for data. I am now trying to install win98 to a sata hard drive on this motherboard. Nov 10, Posts: If so, you have to reformat it to get it to work properly.

Help!, my new Asus A8V won’t recognize my 1 SATA drive – Ars Technica OpenForum

When you boot win98 install cd there is no option to press F6 install additional drivers like there is with winXP. When was XP released? Can you tell if the drive is spinning?


I don’t boot from that drive, but I had no problem getting it going. Fri Nov 05, 7: I did notice something that now makes me wonder if i have the right driver installed tho. I can load windows setup run the promise fast track controller 64 bit and then it tell sme that theres no hard drive. Hi Chovy, Or is it anChovy? a8c

[SOLVED] Sata Raid configuration on Asus A8V deluxe

Please help i am going crazy. A little something extra As if the A8V Deluxe’s cornucopia of on-board peripherals weren’t enough, Asus also ships the board with a “WiFi-g” wireless networking card.

Setup continued loading some viw for a minute or two, then presented a screen asking whether I wanted to load anything else, in addition to the “SCSI” drivers that I had already indicated–this an apparent reference to the F6 keypress from before.