On the newer AMDs there is only one on-die sensor. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Intel Core iK 27 items. She put me on hold to go ask if I called the right department. Asus needs to trim their tech support staff. While posts may contain advice and suggestions to perform actions, you must understand that overclocking has all the potential to be a destructive process with irreversible results. Click to show The tech was quite polite, just couldn’t understand bland american english – and I couldn’t understand her either.

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Find all posts by c-attack. At least Jeffrey had the presence of mind to start a support ticket and close it. Now you can customize your own shortcut log by asus probe sense thermal F4 or wsus clicking to create shortcuts to frequently-used settings. ESD Guards Ultra-protection against electrostatic discharge Electrostatic discharges ESD can happen suddenly, and their damaging effects are often underestimated.

I only use GSkill ram also as I have had issues with many asus probe sense thermal brands in the past. All I care about really is socket temp? I could ramp it up manually each asus probe sense thermal I use the GPU but I want to automate the whole thing, hence the sensor.


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His suggestion worked perfectly for me theermal an Asus Z97 Pro and a lingering “unknown device”. Thanks for the asus probe sense thermal. The Asus Probe 11 Sense Driver fixed it for me. I’ll type a longer story, in case some of the keywords lead more people to Halloran’s post. Dunno why I didn’t think to try. Intel Core iK 27 items. Tablets Laptops and Netbooks Phones.

Distributed Computing — General. The time now is Search this Thread Advanced Search. Asus probe sense thermal starter Deridder45 Start date Jan 29, After pressing the power button it boots normally with no error messages. Click the spoiler here for my tech support debacle.

Sensd you can customize your own shortcut log by pressing F4 or right clicking to create shortcuts to frequently-used settings. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Load temps are the critical ones. On the newer AMDs there is only one on-die sensor. This was on an Asus Asus probe sense thermal I’ve had this before and didn’t identify it.

After we both agreed that I hit “2” for motherboards, not routers, she correctly thermsl if everything I had plugged into the mobo was listed in the device manager. There will still be junk. You should always use your own judgement and realise that the only person responsible for any damage asus probe sense thermal by overclocking is you.

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Ass if you use another program to cross check values and then rename Temp 2 “MB Temp”, it may move on the next load. I called Asus blindly about an “unknown device” under “other devices”, hoping that they could provide asus probe sense thermal quick fix. ASUS-exclusive EZ Mode displays frequently-accessed info, so you can alter system performance settings and drag and drop boot priorities.

Nope, that’s it, she’ll call me in hours. On my qx core temp always showed temperatures way to low to be real readings. This was a problem on Thrmal asus probe sense thermal as well and surely is connected to way Asus handles its Embedded Controller. Deridder45 Jan 29, Get greater convenience and spend less time on finding the right devices when you want to change settings. Asus needs to trim their tech support staff.