Do you believe it will? Hey i have the same flyback how can the flyback be a problem? When you say the sound input modulates the pulse width, does it actually turn the arc on and off or just control the intensity? It was once my plan to make a improved version with a simple driver stage with two transistors as you mention. This is going to be for a year end physics project for now as I am new into this venture. Hi Mads At first test i got best sparks with the iron core but did not try without after the mod.

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Any help would be great!

555 Audio Modulated 20kV Flyback

The potentiometers are only for setting the frequency and pulse width of the timer, they do not need to meet any specific requirements, I recommend you just get some regular linear potmeters, they are cheap and works fine for modulared application.

Hubble covered the most, a tip flyabck reading the schematic, black dots on the lines indicate that the lines are connected, all other lines crossing without a dot means there is no connection. I should note that the high pitch noise on the audio modulated flyback is only when im not producing any sparks Too flback of a spark gapwhereas once i begin arcing, the high pitch noise is heard from the flyback… Im not sure if the two are exclusive as the noise from the flyback as much too loud!

Or where did you get that idea? This allows us to audio modulated flyback width modulate the output audio modulated flyback pin 3 of the timer.


Thanks very much for your help. Since the power supply shorted, I cannot get the circuit to work, but I have power going to the components. It means that you disconnect the primary connection from flybacj supply that provides Vcc to the oscillator NE pin 8 and use a different supply for the primary coil, sharing the same ground with the supply that provides audio modulated flyback to audio modulated flyback NE I needed to add a transistor to the gate in order to supply more amperage to the mosfet this now makes it possible for me to run a nice 32 cm arc at an impressive.

July 18, at Is it suitable for the purpose? This is probably a dumb question but, should the secondary of the flyback be connected to ground or should flyback secondary be isolated closed loop? If you are not going to use this, ground the audio modulated flyback cap.

Hey hello, i have been trying to follow your steps from http: Dont worry about the amperage rating of your power supply as long as it can supply a minimum audio modulated flyback 12V 2A, this circuit will draw more power with a higher duty cycle and less power with a lower duty cycle, but we are talking around 25 — 50 Watt depending on modulatec supply voltage.

Great builds, Great arcs.

Hope I helped, Alex. The audio portion like I suggested get a loud amplified source like a jambox or stereo system.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use audio modulated flyback cookies. My timer chips audio modulated flyback to get fried foyback easily. Arclength is dependant on finding a frequency that works for your flybac transformer, and then adjust the duty cycle for a higher output current to draw a longer spark.


Audio modulated Flyback Driver – EasyEDA

audio modulated flyback I can get a spark approx 1. But on the bright side I got an arc!!!! May 26, at I am using 1 mm diameter wire and 11 turns and i thinck my flyback is 4A model. I must have screwed something up.

Audio modulated flyback | Kaizer Power Electronics

It seems one end of the primary is connected to the fets drain, is the other end connect to pin 4 of the audio modulated flyback Hi audio modulated flyback, I have got the thing working, finally, the problem was the flyback and went and bought a 60kv and got the plasma after tuning, as opposed to sparks on my old one but I have a problem, the volume is very quite, i have to strain to hear it. Also, thank you for making this post.

High voltage enthusiasts, who are familiar with the classic NE flyback driver, will notice the foil capacitor across the primary winding, which really makes wonders.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript audio modulated flyback your browser before proceeding. Also other people reading this, What did you use to power this? Hey i have the same flyback how can the flyback be a problem?

To increase power and output kilovoltage, decrease primary windings. What is modulatsd formula to calculate the value of RC1.

Do you think that an input of 20v 3.