Positive Neutral Negative I don’t know. Im suspecting its the RAM. Submit a new text post. In my opinnion its most likely the motherboard. It is pretty much almost assured to be a motherboard failure somewhere. Ive tried different ram, different configurations, no GPU then no video as onboard vga port also not working , remove cmos battery, manually reset cmos, use that jumper to reset cmos

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I suggest trying only ddr2 as it works better, only ever got 1 ddr3 module to work in the one i have. Im guessing that means its either incompatible ram, broken bios or faulty motherboard.

But i noticed something. Audio card went bad too. That was with DDR3 kingston modules I havnt been able to bioos that to happen again. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Every one was solved by using a QVL piece of ram. Someone discarded a seemingly undamaged motherboard and CPU!

In short I wouldn’t waste my time with it. A friend let me swap in a E and i had the same result, except that it showed the E as the cpu on the screen.


problem with remote reset to bios

G41 help me friends But, you’ll have to have a CPU that supports it. Hello all – 1st post. Submit a new link. A BIOS update is something you consider after all other possibilities have been exhausted.

[Help] Updating Bios : gigabyte

But the update is a zip file which extracts to a “” format. Net is the opinions of its users. Find More Posts by Junebug.

Thnx Richard and Stuart 4 ur suggestions.

It just stays stuck on that screen until i yank the power cable. Want to know which is faster and if the marvel is best is there any driver needed to set this up and get it running. We receive spam notifications and will take immediate action!

Didn’t even connect to the internet because I was running an older Pro Tools rig that required the use of specific outdated drivers for stability. An update so far. If i am doing this the wrong way, please tell me how to do so. That said, I doubt a bios update would resolve such an issue. I want to update my gigabyte motherboard. We have plenty of Ram these days and often 2 or 4 Central Processing Units.


So I repeated all my tests without the GT equiped. Windows 7 Ultimate x Or rather I used to be. Did you allready check any usb ports on physical damage?

problem with remote reset to bios

I would like to run them off the sata 3 ports. Find More Posts by Pedroc Surely someone could come up with a way nios make this work.

After using every method possible for jumping the dual bios into action, I managed to restore the onboard VGA.