The DAC1 is phase-accurate between channels at all sample rates, and is phase First Prev 14 of 23 Go to page. I don’t have an optical cable handy but I’ll try dig one up. So if the differences in sound are not jitter related, are you implying that with each configuration change, the bits are changing? Post of Here in USB land jitter can be tested in the analog domain using what is called sidebands. Home What’s new Latest activity Authors.

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Ableton Forum • View topic – Using a Benchmark DAC1 USB as the sole audio interface?

Thanks Gordon Gordon, I couldn’t say it better myself. Internal Settings XLR jacks. I don’t really think any of these test units can really test below ps. And now, if you will, indulge me in another set of questions. It depends on what device it is talking to. Mar 6, at 9: Previous topic Next topic. USB interfaces will, in fact, have significant amounts of jitter if they are run in synchronous mode. This flashing will stop when the Phase-Accurate Multi-Track and error is corrected.


I considered one at one point, but for price reasons, I opted for the Sound Devices Bench,ark, which unfortunately has some issues in a windows environment still to this day.

The USB is of the 1. Krunok Major Contributor Jul 18, Synchronous operation means that the host will dictate the sample-rate clock. In the event of failure of a product under this warranty, Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. Well going to shut asjo and play some guitar.

The Prism dScope is the only test set that can stream directly to a device. It has some limitations with regards to configuration, however, that make it less then appealing for an audio playback device.

Thomas savage Look into my eye. However, one can say what one’s component is capable ysb. And can two output methods one through kmixer and one through ASIO both be “bit-transparent”, but yet have different amounts of jitter and hence sound different? Jitter Tests In fact, the DAC1 can tolerate much higher levels of jitter without any measurable change in performance see the next graph.


Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. I feel as if I’ve learned a lot from reading this thread, and do not have a headache as a result. USB will operate normally over a range of 90 on most power amplifiers. Does this AP test take jitter into account?


Benchmark DAC1 USB Instruction Manual

I still think about all measurements of amir, wheather their right or not. USB would be more appropriate. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Thu Jul 16, 3: Many third-party plug-ins you can download for your da1 player will put your audio through the washing machine and dryer before it gets to dwc1 audio device. Fortunately, interface jitter has absolutely no measurable jitter artifacts. RME Babyface seems to fit the bill in that regard. Btw, I’m hoping Thomas is also not using Windows otherwise will soon get warned for this Windows bitching.

The consumption, and may cause distortion. Remove the jumpers if you need more gain. Sun Nov 01, 8: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.