And then you are building up a stronger foundation. But it’s all in revelation to the struggle. It’s something I can relate to and it’s something I give to people. But as far as everybody getting together, that’s going to take a little bit more time. I would like to bring him along. You’re surely going to witness the growing pains.

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Because I try to forever seek independence.

But there ain’t nothing that I can do about it now. But cappadomna are you subtracting? But even before he decided to live like a pauper, the former Wu-Tang affiliate wasn’t exactly raking in a king’s ransom from his proceeds as a rapper.

The second thing is the “Hits” collection. It’s all part of the struggle. Views Read Edit View history. I got many, many different styles. Fortunately for Cappadonna, he and his wife have since reconciled and he is back at home. Do you think it’s possible to reach a moment in ones life, where you can cappadonnz sit at the beach, metaphorically speaking, without any struggle anymore?



Legend of the Wu-Tang Clan The way that I do things is unordinary from the way everybody else do things. But there’s a contract in the making. And I’ll keep driving my cab, because it helps me, like I said, to better myself. I know that the Fu-Schnickens and Shaquille O’Neal had best of albums after two albums out, and Sony did the same thing again with the Fugees.

It’s like a lot of people that did nothing to him got killed, based upon him.

Originally Posted by DigitalAb. Some kids come in there and try to jump out my cab. Yeah it’s frustrating, because everybody is looking for the easy way, that easy way in. Naw, I like them to take my experiences and reflect on ’em.

Cappadonna vs. dramarama at the Rock and Roll Hotel

You keep the Cappadonna taxi and Benzes, the houses and all of cappaconna. Raekwon’s not on it. Txai Hill born September 18,best known by his stage name Cappadonnais an American rapper.


I resorted to the bitterness of the cappadonna taxi. Originally Posted by wadedigital I think it was a little early.

The Yin and the Yang. The couple did not see eye-to-eye about what Cap thought was the best way to make their marriage stronger.

Cappadonna Driving Cabs | HipHopDX

The world is based on subtraction and multiplication. The message is for everybody: Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre.

In what way do we find the cab driver on your new album? Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince www.

Because I realized the things that I could do, if I just put my mind to it. You will not have a full understanding of what it’s about. From there I was able to see what was really good with that.