Key Applications – ColorgrafX X2 XES Environments with high-volume graphic arts printing requirements posters, point-of-sale displays, banners, promotional graphics, trade show graphics, etc. The system can also be configured to split print jobs that have color and monochrome pages, distributing them to color and monochrome copiers. Since one controls inbound orders and telephone inquiries by controlling outbound mail, orders will come in at a steady rate rather than being compressed in a single time period. Nonetheless, MGI has made an important step with the Digital Carte Master Color, since the configuration addresses the ultimate user need for finished documents. Product Specifications Resolution Modes by dpi dpi by dpi Print Speed Normal dpi Ink saver by dpi Best dpi enhanced Color 10 ppm 14 ppm 2.

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The decision, in such cases, often is to extend the pilot effort to a reachable population with the same characteristics. Pilot programs are the experiments that help marketing executives tell the difference. The Economics at the Back End The MGI Digital Carte Master Color can take on work that no other color laser printer can touch, extending the range of jobs that can be considered for digital demand printing. MGI manufactures its own finishing station because none of the manufacturers of slitting and slicing equipment had the necessary functionality on the shelf, and none thought slitting and slicing in a single step was even feasible, according to MGI.

Making direct mail a continuous process rather than a batch process has several advantages.

The JASPrint Solutions suite of software applications permits printer auditing, cost recovery, and access control of printers. Like the BJC, the S can fire droplets as small as four 2c, but is capable of printing up to 49 levels of gradation; the prints up to 33 levels only. Each cartridge is keyed, preventing users from loading cartridges in the wrong position.


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If one looks for return on marketing investment when making a marketing decision, linking one-to-one marketing techniques to broader deployment of a customer relationship management program may act as deterrent to adoption of variable-data marketing. With PlanetWatch, users can capture data from any platform, and send the data stream with colorgrafs forms to trigger any network or locally attached printer.

It is compatible with dye- and pigment-based inks, and is designed to work with thermal and piezo ink jet printers. Mpower software takes customer information, entered via the web or onto a database, and generates personalized documents such as colorgraffx by inserting variable text and 2z data into onto templates.

The DemandStream prints ppm at dpi, and supports several paper sizes, including letter, legal, and tabloid. Network Printing Solutions, Ltd. During the second half ofHP is expected to introduce the first HP-branded product based on its twoyear-old development agreement with Indigo.

Petersburg, FL introduced a cost analysis reporting service for its customers. Errors and Omissions Lexmark C We should leave open the possibility that HP will sell its new Indigo-based product into the office coloorgrafx, as well. Thus a portion of the training is dedicated to making sure that customers are familiar with maintenance procedures.

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Designed to support high-volume printing, the printer has a rated duty cycle of 83, pages per month. Kodak Premium Picture Paper has a satin finish, and according to Kodak, offers the same longevity as Ultima papers.


We spoke with a 7-person commercial printer that has been using an MGI printer for about two years. Why not work the economics in reverse, and stop doing mass mailings anathema to direct mail professionals?

The parameters are saved with each image file. The Digital Carte Master Color has been shipping since spring Extending a pilot program to a larger population is a traditional way of thinking about direct mail marketing. Information and analysis presented in this publication are based on the best information available, but cannot be guaranteed for completeness or accuracy.

Reproduction without permission prohibited. The Xerox ColorgrafX X2 has six nozzle print heads, one for each color, not 12 nozzle heads as we stated. Prints a 4″ by 6″ photo in 22 seconds. The company plans to install beta testing units of the D2F2 later this year. It offers simultaneous multiple document and image viewing with convenient drag and drop, image editing, conversion.

Allen Avery Contributing Editor: The S also prints at by dpi, putting Canon on a par with HP, Lexmark, and Epson, who have all introduced models capable of printing at resolutions of dpi or better.

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PixelCorrect technology virtually eliminates image “banding”, especially during high-speed printing. It accepts postscript, PCL and image documents for printing at high speeds color and monochrome. The scale for the chart should be millions, not thousands.