Clean the paper pick roller. Use the icons to determine the cartridge issue. Never load mixed types of paper in the tray. Remove the output tray. The Power light blinks In this normal condition, the following light pattern displays on the product control panel:. Turn the door latch counter-clockwise, and then pull the door toward you to remove it.

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Solution Follow these steps to replace the black cartridge. Remove and reinsert the cartridge Follow these steps to remove and then reinsert the tri-color cartridge.

Blinking Lights on the HP Deskjet 5551 and 5552 Printers

Press the cloth against the paper feed rollers and then rotate them upward with your fingers. The Tri-color Cartridge Problem icon. The Power light is on. Slide the paper length guide inward.

Even small pieces of paper can cause paper feed issues. Clean the paper pick roller. Remove the new cartridge from its package, and then carefully remove the protective tape. If the carriage is stuck on the left side of the productmove the carriage to the right side of the product. Clean the paper rollers through the rear access door Follow these steps to remove the rear access door and then clean the paper rollers in the rear desljet the product.


Apply a moderate amount of pressure to remove any dust or dirt buildup. Open the top cover.

Rotate the rollers as you clean them edskjet make sure they are clean all the way around. Do not press the buttons on the sides of the duplexer when reattaching it to the product or it might not snap securely into place. Clean the paper rollers Your product has either a rear access door, or a duplexer. Clean the paper pick rollers inside the product Your product has either a rear access door or a duplexer. Close the top cover on the printer If the cover on the product is open, close it.

Turn on the printer Press the Power button to turn on the product. Remove jammed paper from the front of the product only as a last resort. Make sure that all the paper in the stack is the same size and type.

HP Deskjet 5552 Ink Cartridges

Close the cartridge latch. Wait until the carriage stops moving and is silent before proceeding.


There might be an obstruction in the path of the carriage, or a paper jam. Follow these steps to perform a reset. Follow these steps to clear any jammed paper.

Blinking Lights on the HP Deskjet and Printers | HP® Customer Support

Look at the drawing and then find the icon in the following figure that matches the drawing. Clean 5552 rollers with the damp cloth. The self-test report prints. The Power light and the Resume light blink simultaneously. Do not push the paper too far into the product. Service the printer If you have completed all the solutions listed above and are still experiencing a problem, continue to the Service the printer section at the end of this document. Remove the rear access door. Lightly dampen a cotton swab moistened with bottled or distilled water, and then squeeze any excess liquid from the swab.

Solutions A carriage jam can occur for several reasons.