Chapter 9 Tips for Solving Problems If you encounter the problems, please check following items. Using Program Keys If frequently used communication tasks are pre-programmed onto a respective program dialing button, the programmed operating sequence can be recalled by simply selecting the assigned button. Hardware modules are often made to plug into a main system. Email Addresses and Fax Stations can be mixed while entering the destinations. Page Program each desired feature. Message Delivery Notice MDN If the sender Internet Fax desires a processing confirmation, it must request a Message Delivery Notice when sending the message itself to a device supporting this notification function. Receiving an Email on a Computer This section explains how to receive Emails transmitted from the machine to a computer, and also explains the Emails forwarded from the machine to a computer.

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Panasonic WORKIO DP-C262 Facsimile Manual

Confidential Transmission Confidential Transmission To transmit a confidential document, follow the dp-c262 panasonic below: If dp-c262 panasonic lose the manual, contact the authorized Panasonic dealer.

The paper size selected within your application to print is larger than the paper size loaded in the cassette s. Entering a Destination Stations can be entered by using the following methods or a combination of these: Result Of Relayed Transmission Result of Relayed Pamasonic When dp-c262 panasonic relayed transmission feature is panasoni, two reports as described below are transmitted from the dp-c262 panasonic station to the initial sending station and administrator’s computer confirming the results of a relayed transmission.

Several Email applications such as Eudora and Outlook Express support and are able dp-c262 panasonic respond to the delivery confirmation notification sent from the Internet Fax. Communication Journal Communication Journal This is a panasonjc that is printed at the end of each transaction to keep a record of the communication result.


Sending Email A scanned document can be transmitted to an Internet Oanasonic or to a remote computer dp-c262 panasonic an Email file attachment. Before receiving the document, the last 4 digits of the ID Number received from the sending machine will be compared with the last 4 digits of ppanasonic telephone number programmed in dp-c262 panasonic Address Book station.

Using the Onscreen Keyboard To enter an Email Address directly from the onscreen keyboard, follow the steps below: Installing the Printer Driver onto the.

dp-c262 panasonic Mail Server The Internet Relay Station your machine must be properly setup with all the required parameters. Only one Email Address can be selected at a time.

Configure the Shared Setting. Routing Setup Flow Routing Setup Flow Before the inbound routing dpp-c262 can be used, the Dp-c262 panasonic Parameters and address book programming is required.

This feature does not work when dialing from the external telephone. Transmitting 2-sided Originals Transmitting 2-Sided Originals 2-sided originals loaded in the ADF are scanned dp-c262 panasonic with a specified biding edge position and transmitted.

Panasonic WORKiO DP-C Driver | Panasonic Driver Downloads

Setting up the User Parameters Dp-c262 panasonic Sender Reception Password: Page of Go. Routing You dp-c262 panasonic forward fax documents or Email to an Internet Fax or networked computers. Using Program Keys Using Program Keys If frequently used communication tasks are pre-programmed onto a respective program dialing button, the programmed operating sequence can be recalled by simply selecting the assigned button.

Recommended “, and then click “Next”. Receiving Email When this machine receives Email from an Internet Fax or from a computer, it starts printing dp-c262 panasonic Email automatically.

In a batch transmission job, the machine sorts documents bound for the same destination dp-c262 panasonicand collectively handles them as one reserved document file to be transmitted in a single call.



The multi-functional device is normally able to dp-c262 panasonic in a document and transmit it over a phone line to another fax machine. Select “Host Name” dp-c262 panasonic enter a host name To change this identification code, please using the Keyboard, and then select “OK”.

Using the Inbound Routing feature, your machine can route documents dp-c262 panasonic from a G3 fax machine to Email Address s or to Internet Fax machine s connected to a LAN as dp-c262 panasonic Email, as well as to other G3 Fax machine s over the telephone line.

To avoid this misinterpretation, the machine is configured to support rotated transmission. For instructions on how to cancel transmission, refer to Canceling a Communication see page Got it, continue to print.

Page Items that are covered in the communication journal are listed below. Sample Entries in Address Book Table 1: Chapter 4 Receiving Documents There are two ways to receive fax calls dp-c262 panasonic this machine.

Panasonic DP-C262 Operating Instructions Manual

Displaying A Communication Reservation File List Chapter 6 Editing a Communication Reservation File Your machine has a dp-c262 panasonic image memory which enables you to reserve dp-c262 panasonic transmission, memory deferred transmission, memory polling and so on.

A single server machine could have several different server software packages running on it, thus providing many different servers to clients on the network. To enter an Email Address and a password, follow the steps below: