The largest of the readily available bricks, easily good for 3kA. I’ve had many people from all around the world report replicating this coil with equal success! June 29, at Removal of any material from this site without permission is strictly prohibited and will result in infringement of copyright laws. This MMC will be used in a smaller Tesla coil. April 11, at

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October 27, at It also minimizes radiated EMI, which is helpful for keeping drsxtc from disrupting the control electronics. The basic purpose of a DRSSTC driver is to generate the drive signals for the inverter, synchronized with the zero crossings of the primary current.

We used this clear coat epoxy that has a supposed work-life of minutes. If you want to use a minibrick, use this one. Therefore the theoretical maximum amount of time assuming no losses, perfect resonance and that the current doubles each time we can let the system oscillate for is determined by: These were assembled on a one-piece heat sink with an integrated bridge rectifier, copper bus-bars and wiring.

Are you using a midi keyboard through a midi controller or are you using the normal output from the speaker of a keyboard?

Can anyone help me out in figuring out the problem? This MMC is 6 parallel strings of 2 in series. Hey Chris Output would be the same and with 24AWG your secondary will also be able to withstand longer run times before heating up.


Could you rethink publishing your board layout? Using an oscilloscope, I was able to adjust the phase-lead for perfect compensation, and made sure the primary current and bridge voltage was what I was expecting. In a simplified explanation, the primary and secondary circuits are in tune – the capacitance due to the tank cap cancels the inductance from the primary coil, so we have no reactive component in the primary Tesla Coil circuit.

The MMC only got slightly warm with 6 cycle operation: Just for recording purposes, here are my measurements I took when tuning the coil in this configuration.

Im using the 1. As the ESP can run at MHz, this is also used as a proxy for the audio input to generate the small pulses derived from the analog zero-crossing detector on the PCB.


In the meantime, Thanks for posting all the other info… picked up a couple of tricks that maybe will help with the exploding mosfet syndrome that my plasma speaker suffers from atm. Therefore, the theoretical number of half-cycles before the MMC overvolts: The torus is held in place between two 11″ acrylic plates separated by about an inch or so, and held in place by the compressive tension of the torus!

Tested driver and interrupter on a small DRSSTC I put together just for testing purpose, blew the half bridge when I ran it in CW without feedback, I guess there is no way I could have treated that poor little coil any worse….

Material for topload toroid construction was bought cheap from the scrap yard.

Kaizer DRSSTC III | Kaizer Power Electronics

Right now, the goal is to finalize the Tesla Coil by improving wiring and component positioning stuff is very messy inside after shifting to a different bridge designimproving grounding, and perhaps adding some lights and a new spun toroid to the Tesla Coil.


I later found out that one of the IGBTs in the half-bridge wasn’t working properly and was in fact, half dead! As the coil can not be on for extended periods of time, this pulse is set to be a maximum of around microseconds?? Hi Pawel If you want to use 60N60 minibricks, take up Daniels offer. All this is powered via a 9V battery and housed inside an aluminium box for shielding. This one is more tricky to assess what you want.

Building a DRSSTC

Finished converting Wards latest drsstc driver to single sided board. Video of the first MIDI played on the coil.

The modular design allowed me to quickly get the coil up and running again. The coil was displayed at a science fair and ran dozens of times with its musical display of lighting rdsstc a V power supply with voltage adjusted via a 5kVA variac. Notice how I stacked the gate drivers. As it can be heard in the video this is not a switching sound you drssfc to hear in a feedback regulated circuit that should be stable.