If a leadscrew assembly or a half nut is repaired, then the following checks and if necessary the associated adjustments must be carried out: The drive system comprises a stepper-motor working through a gearbox in order to rotate a leadscrew. The strength of this casing enables a precise mechanical location to be achieved for the components. The syringe plunger slots into place behind a slotted pair of lips. CPU test failure power ON self test.

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Graseby Medical – Community, Manuals and Specifications | MedWrench

Switch the pump on and set the rate to at least The pump must not be immersed in any liquids or exposed to strong organic solvents. C4 and C5 overcome the effects of any transients. Use only the syringes and administration sets listed in the Specification Chapter 1. Communications processor circuit Communications processor The communications processor circuit Figure 4. Industry leading returns on your unwanted grasfby. Lift out the faulty transformer.

When in the Set-up mode refer to the Instruction Manualsimultaneously hold down A lockable syringe cover was added 31000 security against drug theft, a four line LC display was added, and internal history recording with printout was also added.

Smiths Medical International Limited reserves the right to make changes without notice both to this publication and to the product which it describes.


When the push-button is pressed in, by coming into direct contact with the top of the syringe, the lever becomes free and is able to retract into the plunger clamp.

Thrust measurements Translation of the thrust depends on the syringe diameter and the stiction of the syringe. The SSF and shims required to modify the pump are supplied in kit form part number The In-line occlusion pressure monitoring made the pump particularly suitable for use in intensive care baby units.

The small anti-tampering cap above the grub screw must then be fixed into place using a minimal amount of Loctite Repeat the above check with the plunger clamp placed just clear of the left hand ramp. The internal syringf batteries must be disposed of in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

Graseby 3100 Syringe Pump

When pin 28 goes low, Q12 is turned on and Vcc is applied to the sounder gaseby plug PL4. The rotation detector will generate an output that comprises a continuous set of pulses when the leadscrew rotates.

The clutch, slotted disc and OPTO1 are located at the left hand end of the leadscrew, underneath the opto sensor board.

If required, clean the shim area with a suitable solvent.

GRASEBY Infusion Pump Service Manual |

Diagnostic mode The pump has a Diagnostic mode which enables the four following parameters to be checked: When the grub screw in the SSF has been set, the remaining procedures required to complete the size sensor testing may be completed.


Reconnect three new fully charged 2 V, 2. The syringe size is briefly displayed; the pump starts the infusion with the START LED flashing and the running indication arrows on the display also flashing. Open the case see page A blown fuse must only be replaced by a new fuse of the correct rating. Wyringe mm Hg to mm Hg.

Modula programme returned to start up code. Please call for availability. The three rechargeable batteries, nominally 2 volts per battery, are connected in series via plug PL12 on the Regulator board.

Run the pump for 5 seconds. This version of the incorporates a Diprifusor module manufactured by Zeneca Pharmaceuticals. Hence this extra volume of fluid must be allowed braseby when initially filling the syringe and purging the system. Disconnect the six connectors from the underside of the board; from the left, plug PL7, 4, 2, 1, 6 and 3 Figure 7.