The widespread introduction of ADSL and cable modems in the mids repeatedly drove the company in Chapter 11 protection before being liquidated in By the early s, this was a major focus of the company. The Manufacturers and RS reserve the right to change this Information at any time without notice. Upon entering the System folder I discovered that the modem was not functioning. A quality metal power switch is located at the rear of the unit as are all data, power and phone connectors.

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All of these survived for some time into the early s. Email was also sent on its way noticeably faster.

Hayes Microcomputer Products

As the modem market expanded, competitors quickly copied the Hayes command set and often the Hayes industrial design as well. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Please select an existing parts list. The new design, housed in an extruded aluminum case sized to allow a standard desktop telephone to rest on top, was announced in April Intelligent Machines Journal Thank you for midem feedback.

In one, data modehhayes data forwarded from the computer were modulated and sent over the connected telephone line as it was with any other modem. Hayes was never able to respond effectively.


With a 44K connection the Accura downloaded the 7. They remained a major vendor throughout the s, periodically introducing models with higher throughput. In the end, only two non-modem devices were added to the line. Hayes was a computer hobbyist, and felt that modems would be highly compelling to users of the new 8-bit computers that would soon be known as home computers. Also differentiating Hayes from its competition was the Smartmodem’s use of the guard time.


Such devices were typically expensive and generally modme by larger organizations like banks, who might use one to send an end-of-day file to branch offices. By using this site, you agree to the 56j of Use and Privacy Policy.

Hayes Accura V 56k External USB Modem Worldwide. Included | eBay

The good folks at Hayes submitted two modems for evaluation, one internal hayed one external. The Accura 56K loaded web pages much more crisply than the average The Manufacturers and RS reserve the right to change this Information at any time without notice. Windows then reported finding a “Lucent Venus Modem” and asked for drivers for that device. Installation Installation of the external Accura went fairly smoothly.

Soon there were literally hundreds of similar models on the market, and Rockwell’s competitors also rushed in with similar chipsets of their own.

The market grew rapidly in the mids, and as the Smartmodem was the only truly “universal” modem on the market, Hayes grew to take over much of modwm market. Hayes Microcomputer Products was a U.

If need be the user can set the default to either K56Flex or V. In this case it could be safely assumed that the sequence was being sent deliberately by a user, as opposed to being buried in the middle of a data stream.

Defunct computer companies of the United States Defunct computer hardware companies Modems Telecommunications equipment vendors Computer companies established in Electronics companies established in Manufacturing companies established in Manufacturing companies disestablished in Companies that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Companies that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Through all these tests the Accura external maintained a rock-solid connection.


In this way, the modem could be instructed by the computer to perform various operations, such as hang up the phone or dial a number. In they merged with Access Beyonda builder of ISP rack-mount modems and terminal serversand changed the company name again, this time to Hayes Communications. The Smartmodem was the first modem integrating complete control over the phone line, and that allowed it to be used in exactly the same fashion with any computer.

The main problem with producing such a modem was forwarding commands from the computer.

Hayes Technical Support: ACCURA V/V 56K External

An obvious solution was to use the RS serial port; modems were serial devices and generally driven off RS modme, and most computer designs included an RS port, or some variant. In the other, command modedata forwarded from the computer were instead interpreted as commands. When this was received from the computer, the modem would switch from data to command mode.