Beware of sharp edges inside the chassis. On the rear of the computer, remove the screw that secures the slot cover lock in place 1 , and then slide the slot cover lock up and away from the slots to remove it from the computer 2. The system will automatically flash the ROM. On some models, the primary hard disk drive is located in the internal 3. Run virus protection program. We have listed many products specific to any type of system such that you are able to pick the one that works right for you. Installing or Upgrading Device Drivers When installing optional hardware devices after the operating system installation is complete, you must also install the drivers for each of the devices.

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Press the latch 5 select models only in the center of each plug 6and pull the plug from the drive connector. Thanks for marking this ex2290 the answer.

HP Compaq dx Desktop PC Drivers for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP

Processor Prepare the computer for disassembly Preparation for Disassembly on page A memory module can be installed in only one way. Flash the ROM if needed.

Page 46 Disconnect the power, data, and the sound cable, if available, from the back of the optical drive you want to remove.

Personal Grounding Methods and Equipment Use the following equipment to prevent static electricity damage to equipment: This is my thrid time to ask for help regarding on this matter, there are some people give there answer and i thank you for that but none of them solve my problem, Some people is trying to say that im lazy but your wrong. System board with ther mal grease, alcohol pad, and CPU socket cover. Page 61 Go to step 7.


The best part is it takes a snapshot of your system specifications and matches the right driver to go with it.

On some models, the primary hard disk drive is located in the internal 3. All trademarks and logos of the products depicted or referenced on this site are the property of their respective owners.

I need Ethernet Contrller Drivers & PCI Devices for HP Compaq dx2290 mt, windows XP?

Cause Solution Check ethenret both power supply cables are properly connected to the system board. Disconnect the power and data cables from the back of all installed drives. Supervisor Password – chan ge or enable password. Hard drive interface SAT A 3.

Lithium Coin Cell Com;aq The battery that comes with the computer provides power to the real-time clock and has a minimum lifetime of about three years. This will not update system date, system timesupervisor password, or user password. Text set off in this manner indicates that failure to follow directions could result in bodily harm or loss of life.

HP Compaq dx2290 Microtower Business PC – Overivew

HP’s most stable and secure business PCs come with powerful technology and professional innovations such as energy efficient features and leading remote manageability solutions. Intel Core 2 Duo E 2. Use arrow up and down keys to select the option you want, then press Enter. Run virus protection program. Read the information and decide whether it relates to the issue you are troubleshooting.


To do so, insert a flat screwdriver into the knockout plate slot A and rotate the screwdriver to break the knockout plate out of the chassis. Reconnect the power cord to the power source and start the computer. Identifying the Chassis, Routine Care, and Disassembly Preparation This chapter provides general service information for the computer. Page 55 Attach the two screws that secure the hard disk drive cage to the chassis.

Never immerse any parts in water or cleaning solutions; apply any liquids to a clean cloth and then use the cloth on the component. Some of these connectors may not be used on the product being serviced.

Program previously accessed did not release reserved Restart the computer. Page 45 On some models, the optical drives are secured by latches. Hp compaq dx microtower pc – computer setup f10 utility guide 18 pages.

The information contained herein is sub. Prepare ethernnet computer for disassembly Preparation for Disassembly on page Reset the date and time, your passwords, and any special system setups, using Computer Setup.