When you first get this tablet, if you’ve never used a tablet before like me , you will be a bit stressed out, it’s radically different than using a mouse, trackpad or any other pointing device. Rated 5 out of 5 by Nick the Math from Perfect size for a teacher My daughter has the medium size tablet. In photoshop and lightroom, it will make your life so much easier. I’ve had my original Wacom tablet for 15 years and only now is it starting to slow down a bit after being hammered. After photos, it was like second nature. The buttons on the pen and tablet are customizable giving you lots of shortcuts to items that you use often. Being able to precisely edit or draw is wonderful.

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It’s perfect for me for retouching. You can have the buttons do regular button presses or even program them to do complex actions.

Intuos Pro Small Digital Tablet for Drawing on a Mac | Wacom

I think the small is perfect for photo editing and basic computing tasks. You can edit your creative work with the accuracy and precision of traditional brushes and pens. The increase in sensitivity levels gives much better finite control in my photo retouching. Try it, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re used to a mouse tablet use intuos pro small take some time to adjust.

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Control line width and opacity based on how lightly you touch the pen to the tablet surface. Designed intuos pro small both right and left-handed use, you can also enjoy the freedom of working unattached intuos pro small your computer by using the Wacom wireless kit included with your tablet.


We got two of them.

So it’s not quite as intuitive as you’d think, initially. Customize the feel of your pen with this intuos pro small array of nibs, grips and tools. I know that there intuos pro small also two sizes that are larger for this particular tablet, but I think that even without budget considerations that this might the ideal size out of the three.

How a tablet is used makes a big difference to how easy and intuitive it feels.

Wacom Intuos Pro Small Graphics Tablet Pth461 ( )

Read full review Verified purchase: The tablet comes with a pen holder that store extra pen tips, and a wireless USB connection kit. Six customizable ExpressKeys and Touch Ring give you quick access to your favorite shortcuts while on-screen Radial menu intuso Express View heads-up display help you stay focused on intuos pro small work.

intuos pro small They’re inside the pencil holder. Lightly rest your finger on intuos pro small capacitive ExpressKey to display an on-screen reminder of the key’s function Multi-Function Touch Ring The finger-sensitive Touch Ring provides intuitive control of scrolling, brush size, canvas rotation and more Connectivity Connect the Intuos Pro to your PC or Mac computer with a single USB connection.

Video Specifications Support Community Store. I borrowed it, decided I liked it very much, but only wanted to stretch to the cost of the intuos pro small version. With 2, levels of pen pressure sensitivity, the Intuos Pro allows you to dynamically adjust exposure, brush size, line weight, opacity and more Express View Display Stay completely focused on your creative work.


Rated 5 out of 5 by steve from niiicccce It has rubber feet so it doesn’t slide around on your desk when you’re using it. Logout Confirmation Due to data privacy laws, switching to the language you have chosen will automatically log you out.

I don’t smll that it’s made in China, even though the quality is quite good. The other alternative product would have been something like a Wacom Cintiq where you actually see the image you are drawing on the tablet as you are drawing on the tablet. Being able to precisely edit or draw is wonderful. I bought the small and I’m very happy with the area that I have intuos pro small work with, it’s actually larger than I expected.

The best small tablet out there! Expand the creative capabilities of your Intuos Pro with an intuos pro small of compatible pens, grips and pen tips. This model also comes with a six foot cable, which is twice as long as the 3′ model in the lower-priced line.

This probably isn’t something you’re going to pick up and instantly be comfortable with, but don’t let that scare you intuos pro small, it’s a wonderful accessory. You may also like.

You twist the bottom off pto they’re neatly aligned inside there very clever placement, btw, Wacom. There was no place in my area to try one out, so we had intuos pro small purchase sight unseen.