Install the software driver and you are ready to start. Now I can keep my eyes glued to the screen with the new surface on the Intuos5. Based on the initial press release from Wacom, there were already apparent changes in store that I knew could be a huge boost in productivity for any creative professional. As we noted in our hands-on , both the Intuos4 and Cintiq pens work just fine with the new tablet. The best video-editing apps. Jens Marklund – March 5, What happened to the ratings?

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We think the absence of text is a nice touch, and the choice to keep everything on-screen a wise one.

Used either left or right handed, I can have it plugged in via USB or use intuos55 Bluetooth when traveling or when I need to be a bit further from the computer, as when I’m teaching a workshop. Graphics Tablet App Astropad 2. Unit also has some pealed off spots on V Very Good – Appears well used and may include dings, brassing, scrapes and bruises but is in fully functional condition Glass may have marks or haze that sh The actual pen itself doesn’t seem to have changed as it has no mention of it doing so.

The one we tested medium is 10 inches W by 15 inches H.

No USB connection or Pen included. Depending upon your interest area, Draw, Art, Comic or Photo, Intuos tablets offer size and color options. I’d love to hear from you! The Intuos5 gets high marks for its fresh design and on-screen reminders. Perfect your images for printing, push your creative boundaries, and share with your friends and family.


Whatever your creative style — or level of skill intous5 Intuos can help you reach the next level.

Visit the Luminar web site to try it for intos5. Recently, we believed that due to a lack of replacement pads on the Wacom website on launch day, that the surface area may have changed so that it is not replaceable.

Beautifully designed and simple to use, each pen tablet comes with a free creative pack that includes downloadable software, services and online tutorials too. Another feature Wacom’s chosen to bring back this go ’round: Worried about the absence of OLED indicators on the tablet’s surface? We want to hear what you think. Wacom Announces the Cintiq Pro 24 and 32 Inch. With the succesor, not only is the entire tablet now covered in soft rubber, the express untuos5 buttons are embossed into the intous5 itself, making for easier transitions when you’re working and focused on the monitor.

Included in the Intuos5 touch Medium package: Browse Related Browse Related. Fstoppers Editorial Team Jens Marklund – March 5, We are in the process of transitioning to our new site, they have been disabled for the time being.

This is most likely due to the surface of the tablet being not quite as touch friendly as what you’d encounter on a tablet PC intuks5 a Magic Trackpad.

The tablet itself is wrapped in a cellophane covering that doubles as a guide to the functions of the tablet, something I found useful as a intkos5 that tends to ignore getting started booklets as cheating. It’ll take some getting used to, but we realized it ultimately cured our habit of constantly looking down to find our bearings.


Wacom Intuos5 touch review

Aesthetics and Build The aesthetics is one of the most discussed feature about the tablet. That is actually kntuos5 great question. The only difference is the 5 uses touch based gestures which is fine, but when you already have on screen macros using the wheel button, its actually a bit more efficient than taking the pen out of your hand to “draw” something with your fingers as well as using shortcut keys, which most of us use anyways.

Honestly, we’re not so sure that would be worth the investment; however, we expect it to be the least expensive of the bunch. Pratik Naik thesylv – March intous5, Definitely!

Wacom INTUOS5 Touch Medium | eBay

Not only could we customize the ExpressKeys and Touch Ring, but we also made programs like Corel Draw carry out tasks with just a three-finger swipe. Will you share the same viewpoint?

The Surface Recently, ihtuos5 believed that due to a lack of replacement pads on the Wacom website on launch day, that the surface area may have changed so that it is not replaceable. The soft rubber coating on the tablet is similar to the coating you feel above the grip on your Intuos4 pen for those of you who need a reference point. This is a gently used Wacom Intuos 5 Tablet.