This is a preemptive measure to having to reconnect a USB cable to the host computer, but it does require a functioning wireless printer connection. Guarantees a clean installation of the Mac OS Firmware Topics and Performance Improvements. Provides troubleshooting basics and a basic understanding of the various personality traits of the Wi-Fi indicator light. Topic or Article Title. Topic or Article Title Note:

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Whether or not your computer is communicating over the wireless network is important when trying to distinguish between a wireless-network communication issue or a network communication issue. Have you received a warranty-exchanged or replacement printer? Perform the Reset Procedure below. Firmware Topics and Performance Improvements. YesI can access the Internet but only with an ethernet cable connected between computer and router.

This procedure benefits both first-time installers and users having difficulty with printer communication. Advanced Users Quick Troubleshooting Path: Make sure you are not connected to your workplace’s virtual private network VPN.


Ping computer gateway address.

Some articles below reference a specific printer or AIO model; however, please view this content as many wireless concepts are identical. Topic or Article Title Note: Post-installation troubleshooting path Print Network Settings Page.

Select Change network settingsand click Continue if performing the installation, and Contact Lexmark Technical Support. If you are scannerr wireless communication errors or cannot print, please try these basic steps before proceeding the table of contents. Please enter the email address you would like to send a copy of this page to. Did this document help solve your problem?

Lexmark Impact S Specs – CNET

Networking and Wireless Glossary. See Network Setup Page instructions below. Additional wireless and networking terms can be found in your User’s Guide. See also Firewall topics.

Click here for additional information. See Firmware topics below. NoI cannot access scanenr internet with a wired or wireless connection to the computer. Otherwise, you can locate additional troubleshooting information below. If these articles do not assist you in resolving your installation anomaly, please provide feedback to Lexmark.


Have you reset or reconfigured your router’s network name and security passphrase? Why is this important?

Click here to start troubleshooting, or explore the topics covered below. At this point, try printing again.

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Recommended Topics and Article Links. More common uses of network settings page.

Click here for definitions in PDF format. Lexmark welcomes comments from customers as part of an ongoing endeavor to improve online support services and article quality. This article will benefit users that perform this procedure before resetting the router. Process names differ by product generation.