It’d be nice if the notepad character limit were increased. This enables me to work on my blog on the subway. WldHogn , Jun 26, Once it has that, then there will be containers for you to drag your data into. According to thier site, the LG aka EnV is supported. Jun 16, The latest test release 1.

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Does anyone who has this phone know how to do this?

I also downloaded the new “test” version 1. So for now I’m just entering the contacts manually and sending ringtones to the phone with BitPim.

I lost everything that wasn’t stored on my memory card, but luckily I got my contacts back because I still have my old phone transferred via toucy. WldHognJun 19, Bluetooth Tohch Exchange that is In my instance it was set to the Voyager. Yeah, I just recently switched back to Verizon and was hoping to update my old phone book, calender, ect with Bitpim but I’m worried about trying it using a different phone setting.

I’m only blogging and transferring text files to my PC. Jun 28, 9: I also dont get the option to “drop” once I plug my phone in. No need to be fancy, just an overview.


LG env touch with bitpim. The character limit was so stupid that I didn’t bother checking that restriction before buying the phone. Bored Zhwazi – Has some nice content, but it really isn’t updated that often. We will probably have to wait for an update to BitPim before we can l sync our contacts with the Touch.

They also have a good collection of articles.

Problem using BitPim with enV Touch

I tried connecting to all the com ports manually and also using “auto” and nothing worked. I’m not sure if they have updated for the LG env Touch, seeing as it was just released. Singjess38Jul 7, Just out of curiosity, how are you able to send images and music tocuh Bluetooth? Good luck to you and all those modders out there.

I’m able to write 2 drafts per day! As soon as they tried one of their test phones a Dare, I think it worked. I really should sort by line number 1st line.


Problem using BitPim with enV Touch

The LG Touch has a keyboard. WldHognJun 26, The following forum discussion roughly walked me through the process of setting up BitPim for the Touch: It’s a good site overall, but it needs more traffic.

They did not need to actually add Mobile Broadband to my account because my problem was the same as yours, my pc would not open a port for my modem, but I had to play ball. I did get it to eventually retrieve the filesystem but not without a lot of trial and error.

LG Env Touch VX and iSyncno suppo… – Apple Community

They fall short of the correct conclusion that government itself is the problem. However this is not syncing, just a one-way copy.

If you previously had an account on CPF, it has been transferred! Just 5 easy biypim. Worked well, although in a round about-head scratching way.