Heat becomes an issue for the LM70 when playing demanding games — more so than with any other laptop that I have tested. This is somewhat concerning as LG is using regular heat pipes and fans in the LM70, nothing too exotic. The controls and indicator lights are well laid out, and tastefully subdued. Facebook OpenPinoy Facebook messenger openpinoy gmail. LG LM70 view larger image Samsung and LG seem to have an uncanny ability to get new products right without having to spend lots of time learning the nuances of consumer electronics or computer segments.

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LG LM70 Back side view view larger image. The LCD is firmly mounted in a reassuringly flex free frame.

LG LM70-P788 laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

You can then update the system with a couple of clicks. Within the warranty period, all defective items are for check-in service only, and are subject for inspection and lmm70 only. Good day Sir, Thank you for purchasing your laptop with us. It was nice dealing with you again Sir Joseph. Heat is more than an annoyance, it can shorten the life of components.

I know that I, for one, could never live without it. It is all downhill after the first impression, which was very favorable due the weight and construction. Often, even magnesium construction can not prevent the flexing and creaking normally associated with plastic because the material is too thin this seems to afflict Toshiba in particular. Com kelan lang binili kop po itong pruduct nyo Hi po this is Ayen.


In fact I would rate it equal to the solid feel of the aluminum Lm7 PowerBooks — high praise. There should be more of this piano black finish in my opinion — that would really make it a looker. Post your comment as Member Guest. You agree that you are responsible to pay all the products submitted or requested subject for order online and any additional charges such as delivery fee and taxes with your order.

Online Sales Marivic Skype: I can not remember the fan coming gl — if it was on, I did not hear it. LG is aiming for top spot and have equipped it accordingly:. More orders to come.

Factors such as heat, weight, noise and battery consumption are just as important as how fast a notebook performs. Have a nice day!

These days, a lot of computing can be had for very little money Dell or lmm70 can opt for innovative features and stylish designs IBM, Apple, Toshiba.

If you follow a link to another Web site, read the sites privacy policy and contact their administrator with your privacy-related questions. The LM70 is finished in a nice silver which would be quite boring if not for some nice piano black accents on the lid.


LG is aiming for the premium lh and light notebook segment with the LM The palm-rests are silent and flex-free and the underside has panel covers that match the solid construction of the chassis.

LG LM70 Review (pics, specs)

Lenovo Yoga ikb Intel Core i7 8th …. Korean technology companies are going to take over the world. This is a surprise as I have played through the game on notebooks that were far less powerful than the LM It took a few days of testing the LM70 but I think I have uncovered the culprit: The hallmark of a durable notebook is a solid construction and the LM70 does not disappoint.

In keeping with that commitment, we are providing you with details about the information we collect while doing business. It can be hard to quantify performance especially when comparing notebooks against each other.

There will be no On-site services and lending of backup units.