Sorry to hear about your issues with Snow. Has anyone had a successful installation on a PUD3L 2. Anonymous April 28, at Can’t wait to try the new installer package! I don’t know of a way to speed-up the AHCI detection. However, doesn’t the Apple vanilla driver work for you?

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I tried yours, same thing.

Lnx2Mac’s Realtek RTL81xx Driver

Perhaps some int bit isn’t getting cleared by the rtl82xx driver. Thanks for the good work.

The driver seems to be working just fine. I’m sorry if my comment made you waste your lnz2mac time, but at least lnxm2ac note that I have immediately posted my comment as soon as I found out the cause How do I fix it?. Are you using a DSDT? Please make sure to remove the following if found: People like you make open source community alive: Donation is on its way Guess I have to post a request in lx2mac forum.


Manually forcing 1 gigabit works fine, though. Some things you might want to try are: In the current situation sometimes bonjour get kicked out. So you might want to subscribe to this site or follow my twitter. Thanks for the quick response. Do you have any ideas why I am experiencing this?

tonymacx86 Blog: Lnx2Mac Releases New RTL81xx Beta Realtek Network Driver

Would appreciate it if you could add a mirror using a host like www. Gracias por tu comentario!

Actually, I’ve posted a while back some tips on speeding up the network here. Lnx2Mac, Would you please tell us what hardware you based this guide on?

Realtek driver and iis the only way to wake up a host on a network with an airport extreme or time capsule router. Based on my testings, without overclockingthese are the settings that provide the best results. So it will be interesting to see which results you can achieve Please report back if you still have issues with it. I have read through just about every page of this post and cannot find an answer for my problem. First of all many thanks for ln2mac great work.


Enable Full Graphics Card Acceleration: Lnx2Mac July 25, at 1: Your motherboard probably uses the newer revision of lnx2mc E, which v0.

I assumed this same utility is ran in KextBeast, but for some reason didn’t lnx2nac for me alone. Lnx2Mac January 4, at Regarding performance, take a look at the tips I posted in this post A 70 GB backup takes an entire day instead of half an hour. I can see the Ethernet Card on the System profiler but wasn’t able to set a connection in the Network Settings.

Links aren’t working for me either, I’ve tried firefox and chrome and have cleared all cache.