Open Remote – Allows you to open a schema file saved on your HP e All parameter values can be cleared with the clearParameters method. Data Type and Length must be valid TurboImage type and length specifications. The forName method of the Class class returns a Class object associated with the class with the given string name. This is typically used when the statement has no parameters and is only going to be executed once. As shown in Figure , choose Standard from the Report Gallery:

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A complete example that puts together all the above code pieces with added exception handling is shown in fig 2. Contact Minisoft to receive the table s you Page 43 need.

If empty information about all the tables is returned. After selecting the server you wish to view; the bottom window displays the active sessions including pin number, program executing, logon user, and cumulative CPU time for the process.


Secure 92 is the complete terminal emulation and data communications package. The forName method of the Class class returns a Class object associated with the class with the given string name. This value specifies the jinisoft number of concurrent connections on this port. Page 84 Figure 7. This is one fascinating and original product.


Adds user s to the selected group in the Groups window. Page 98 Figure 25 4. Since there are a lot of different screen drivers out there that people have produced, you may have to try and see if your local one works if it is an oddball one.

This information is very useful to programs that need to dynamically create the layout for displaying data from a database.

The default value is From the dialog box shown in Figure choose available tables and columns to add to your query, click the right arrow to add, then click Next. You may also create you own tables. The jdbbc is a native application component. IP Security Overview New in version 2. The datasource contains the HP specific information for connecting to the database s. The connection information for both databases would have to be jdgc on each client machine. Add Schema s to security list: Its one parameter is a string that contains the SQL statement to prepare.

The File Open Info tab contains the open information for the file.

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With the Application Wizard you will build an application from scratch that interfaces against your server source. Here you can do things like change the Prefix field to a combo box of selectable values for example. Users in this list may update records in the table. The getString method is used to return data from a column.


The string parameter is a url that describes the connection. The installation instructions and examples were very clear and easy to follow, but again it is geared towards Visual Cafe and there are no explicit examples minixoft Jbuilder. Use care in protecting the server jdbbc passwords are stored encoded in the system registry. The GUI92 viewer is interesting, you can set it up like a termnulator with an argument path that passes in the application information to run.

The datasource contains the HP e specific information to connect to the database s. Minlsoft valid SQL functions: Executing a query that creates a ResultSet object. The PreparedStatement class has set Page jdbbc Connection Menu Load – Allows you to open a saved configuration file. A complete application that retrieves data from a TurboImage database.