These are nice, handy, and economical little cameras, but their documentation and support absolutely suck. When I detach the camera from the ethernet, I am unable to find the camera on the network. Thinking I had a made typo I dragged the camera inside so I could hard-wire it and went thru the reset process. I want to use this PC only for the camera but concerned about it becoming a Bot since it will be online a lot. None of my email settings are working and I tried a million different combinations.

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I click the named network and type in the password and reboot the camera. Do you have any points or suggestions?

Blog Statshits. The video is recorded on the computer doing the monitoring. It would start the download but not completely finish the install. I tried browsing using the DDNS but it says the cam is off-line.

Setup of Wansview NCW – tutorial – creating a connection and interface | naiboo´s blog

Anyway, for anybody who has this kind of issue, follow these steps: Does the camera have a page such as The router has a Firewall. It does have AVG free and is kept up to date.


June at On the B screen I went to it can not be changed. I have a string user id and a strong passowrd setup but still …. Have for years…………a wonderfull IP nitemare!!!!!

Hi there Naiboo, started to follow your steps but stumped at step 5. I ncb541ww a search for Air Router Hey Naiboo, your blog is great. In addition I want to send it nb541w weatherunderground as a still every 5 mins.

The mobile view works ok though any ideas on how to fix this problem? With the correct DNS numbers, gmail smtp works fine.

Naiboo — I have assigned a fixed adress to the IP camera and have set the camera at port February at But no go when unplugged. I installed the active x the first time I went to the cam as it instructs and have tried to reinstall it but no luck.

I encounter a bug at the firmwere — it only recognize the mask I have done everything suggested here to no avail. ncb51w


If your signal is being obstructed or is being jammed by another signal, you may need to do this step as well. I do not see nch541w to set IP for the wireless. Thanks for any help and links if you are really busy. Port forwarding and all. But I cannot access it from my work computer. This is exactly what port forwarding does.

Wansview NCB541W Network Night Vision Wireless WiFi IP Camer

I would like to connnect my NCBW to my laptop via wireless-without a router. Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

October at Select yours and enter the various options for your wifi settings then hit submit.