Setting The Pen Colours And Patterns The printer saves the pen colours that you assign to the first 16 pens, when you switch it off. To install the cut sheet media Open the dust cover. Page 47 To align the media Adjust the media so that its right edge flushes with the vertical reference mark [1] see figure Kyocera Address Book https: No Tax out of Greece.

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Centronics Windosw There are several steps in the connection sequence: Rendering Rendering Rendering determines how the printer organizes the pattern of dots on the page to form shades of grey or colours.

Page 22 Hold the tab [2] of the cleaner blades, and fit them to the printer from the inner side see figure Centronics port configuration The Centronics parallel port is located at the back of the printer. Values range from 0 to 63 inclusive. An organization which sets standards for engi- neering drawings.

Page Please return this sheet to: Page A part of the purge station which cleans excess ink from the print head as it passes through.

This print contains a series of nine vertical bands made up of a specific pattern.

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Draft is suitable for standard quality prints. Media type Configuration Data format Calcomp setup Synch-code Cleaning lce print heads The print heads contain a set of nozzles which fire the ink. Values range from 0 to 30 inclusive. Setting The Number Of Printed Copies Setting the number of printed copies To reprint additional copies of a printed copy, you begin as follows: Hold ice tab [2] of the cleaner blades, and fit them to the printer from the inner eindows see figure Choosing media Use the tables below to choose the type of media best suited to your needs.


Postscript 2 This is useful in the case where the format is not specified in the Note: Media type Display Short menu Enter windoas Enter the password, by pressing successively the arrow keys below: Notation Conventions There are a number of notation conventions used in this manual. Pack the printer in its polystyrene and put it in its box.

The variations depend on the host computer, software package, communications protocol, and the amount of data involved.

Otherwise, the printer gives unpredictable results. Do not press the ink tank downward, to avoid damage to the print head.

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Page 38 Print heads for each colour fit into a specified position on the Caution: The carriage moves to the purge station. Keys Red indicates when the printer detects an error. Default Postscript 2 Page Size Default PostScript 2 page size This option indicates the dimensions of the paper on which your document will be printed For example: Unpacking The Printer Grip firmly the bottom corners of the printer on both sides, as indicated below.


The data are now sent to the input spool directory of the controller, then processed and finally printed. Do not drop or shake the ink tank, as the ink may leak out.

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Scaling a print You can set the scaling for the X- and Y axes separately, to a factor between 0. To align the media Adjust the media so that its right edge flushes with the vertical reference mark [1] see figure To windoww the media roll in the winxows Insert the hub [1] into the roll core until it fixes the roll media in place see figure Status messages Warning messages Error messages Banner messages occasionally, for certain types of errors during print processing Status messages Status messages give you information about the state of the printer.

Message Display Window When you reach the end of a menu branch and there are no more options, the Note: