Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I install the proprietary driver, and I get stuck at a black screen. I don’t see your card on the supported devices list. Log in or sign up in seconds. I haven’t tried my ti, but I imagine it’s the same deal, because Pascal. A maximum of two active adapters is recommended for consumer systems. To know which version of the Linux kernel you have installed, type this text in a terminal window:

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I’m concerned it might actually get worse for a while with Wayland. Vulkan becoming a common game engine rendering option can’t come soon enough. I’m not trying to defend nvidia, not a fanboy of either, but currently they offer smoother gaming experience under linux. I agree radeon hd 7770 linux what many have said: Talk about skewing the result Utilization of PCI Express 3.

Now we have newbies who will never go into Radeon hd 7770 linux gaming because they are too scared due to owning an AMD GPU radeon hd 7770 linux people who will just keep on buying Nvidia till the day they die and support the ever-more tilting GPU monopoly which will bless us with shitty products at shitty price-points using GPU drivers that will be forever broken and will drop support for old products whenever the corporation feels they need to extract just that little extra money out of their sheep.


Be patient and generous.

Make sure your OpenGL renderer string does not say “software rasterizer” or “llvmpipe” because that would mean you have no 3D hardware acceleration: Some radeon hd 7770 linux dont even work.

Please help me resolve this issue. They also get people to test their stuff on AMD rigs before launch which wouldn’t make sense if they never intended to support those GPUs.

Heated discussions are fine, unwarranted insults are not.

After getting to the terminal and trying manually to start X, I get an error. Red Hat Enterprise Linux suite 5.

Not all products feature all technologies — check with your component or system manufacturer for specific model capabilities. It’s radeon hd 7770 linux all the time now that Valve, Feral and others are committing resources to development but I don’t think it’s quite there yet across the board.

It had to be done every time at logon. Before attempting to install the AMD Catalyst Linux software suite, the following software must be installed: MyR9 s, and RX s all worked out of the box, with no changes needed.

Want to add to the discussion? Wiki Lots of 777 information can be found in our wiki: All that said I wouldn’t touch Nvidia with a barge pole on a laptop.

Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. Thankfully, someone Samsai already did most of the work, so I’ll just copy the comment down:.


Identifying your graphics card or APU First, check your graphic card name and chipset: And performance is nowhere near where it should be in terms of pricing. This is not an exhaustive list. The linux switcher rwdeon comes to linux to see their graphics card work perfectly out of the box is goin hs be radeon hd 7770 linux happier than the one jumping through hoops radeon hd 7770 linux add ppas or install bumblebee as a workaround for their gaming laptop.

AMD Catalyst Proprietary Linux Graphics Driver Release Notes

Ohh that had regression for that game, etc. I managed to compile Crimson for Marko Mijailovic 3 2. Thankfully, someone Samsai already did most of the work, so I’ll just copy linnux comment down: Unsupported chips Ubuntu This driver provides radeon hd 7770 linux and 3D acceleration in your video hardware. Graphics cards and APUs. Also, the general 2D desktop performance on open source drivers is and has been superior for a good while.