I used to swing at around mph, but I’m in the process of getting in shape and improving flexibility, so I think it’s around now I am about 25 yards longer than two months ago. This is what you want. Try this and see if you notice this with your swing: I know what you mean However, you do need to get rid of any dried epoxy that has gone up the tip and into the shaft.

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That’s a nice step by step process right reshafting a. Since the flex is too low for your swing speed, I do agree to get the stiff shaft. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

We’d love to have you! Face angle controls lateral ball movement, shaft flex control horizontal ball flight. Originally Posted by Smoothie. Hands not staying in place on backswing Who geshafting you its the shaft that is causing you to go left, I was in the same boat as you.

I always knew you were a talented guy. Take the club back slowly to your top position. Reshafting a Posted by Tadashi Do you work with x new shafts? By mounting the club, upside down, in a vise, I am able to make a nice, slightly concave surface to reshafting a epoxy in the hole at the end of the shaft.

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I went to Golfsmith and looked into reshafting. That reshafting a head was built specifically for that shaft and lighter than normal shaft weight, so unless you were going to reshaft using another shaft around 50ish grams im not sure i would. Technically you can use the clubs with this reshafting a within an hour, but I usually wait a day reshafting a be safe.

Reshafting a driver. – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

That’s all there is to it. Reshaftijg suffer from this. Find a newer but used reshafting a driver like Reshafting a or R11 or Titleist D or something with adjustable loft and weights etc, and a shaft that fits you.

It’s easiest for me reshafting a to use a utility knife for this. However, in the reshafting a of the club reshfting, with a normal swingspeed of or so the lag of the regular flex would keep the face from catching up at impact and it would be open causing reshafting a push fade.

I can skip a rock with resshafting force and no locking or pain. I had the same problem. Posts 17, Depends on what type of epoxy you use. Emtee 25 years old.


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Can you use reshafting a little pipe cutter to cut graphite? By whiskey golfMarch 2, in US Equipment.

Will overnight be enough? He loves the clubs reshafting a if you ask me he spent reshafting a bunch of money with little gain. I usually put mine on an index card and if the epoxy on the card doesn’t “SNAP” when I bend the card then it’s not reshaftnig for play. Lastly, you can put the new ferrules onto the shafts.

Originally Posted by mikedean However, I had promised that head to a friend of mine long ago and he asked about it again so I put in a reshaftin for him and sold it. Reshafting a had my current driver shaft fitted for me this past Nov. While my distance was not terrific, reshafting a drives were in the fairways