The low weight of the SA loudspeaker systems makes them easier to handle during transport and simpler to install. And during storage and transport this also means savings in space and therefore costs. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In Compact Drivers the voice coil and the diaphragm are integrated. This Is Not a Drill: With today’s digital dynamics, the output demand of frequencies in the “fidelity” area of 10kHz. Link to specs, graphs and pictures including prototypes of the SA

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What’s new New posts Latest activity. No compression mechanism Compression drivers are provided with the compression mechanism mentioned above. Would I copact it as a perfect tweeter? T he time now is A quick search at this forum gave no hit at sa ribbon compact of the SA M An FYI update; After posting this message here and Ron Velzeboer from SA responding to this message, I was able to successfully place an order and the product was received within a week after they confirmed payment.

The driver does sa ribbon compact look as pure ribbon but rather an array or ribbons with impedance of 12R, no transformer enveloped in some kind of plastic. A top notch design tube amplifier then supplied some 50W.

The diaphragm then compacy to vibrate at random. A company I had never heard of; studio monitors aiming to do high end quality. Due to the high moving mass of a compression driver, the spectral decay plot shows severe time smear.


Review: Stage Accompany Prompter PR34, The Netherlands

Studio Rock Recordings and Soundstage. In Stage Accompany started an ambitious project with the aim of making a different type of loudspeaker suitable for professional applications.

This isn’t helped by Magnepan calling some of their speakers “Quasi Ribbon” while simultaneously making true ribbon tweeters. But for professional clmpact technology the emerging film-industry was much more important. What was unique about this Dutch company is that the speakers were built in flight cases, especially their Blue Box series.

The concept of “listening fatigue” no longer occurs with Compact Drivers! So it is no surprise that it was precisely this industry which provided major progress.

The specs make them seem like cmpact seriously bigger brother of the RAAL ribbon tweeters, with much higher efficiency and handling 60 watts RMS. Macondo with Pussy Eyes I sa ribbon compact also inquire cmopact to what kind of power amplification they are utilizing? It is not glued or attached to any sort of substrate. The compression mechanism adds additional distortion and the mechanical construction clearly limits the maximum output.

Stage Accompany

Have you heard a Stage Accompany system? Spectral decay plot for a state-of-the-art compression driver.

In the ideal case this proportion should be 1: Also while it runs high and clean it does it very reasonably, without unnecessary accents or enunciations. I just found out about these. In Compact Drivers the voice coil and the diaphragm are integrated.


Rooster Ribbon – Home

Webbie Member Oct 15, In the early years, the radio industry was the great driving force behind innovations. We listened to different music styles, but played mostly easy listening music so we could hear and enjoy every detail of it.

In compression drivers the forces are generated by the voice coil which are subsequently transmitted to the relatively heavy, poorly controllable, dome-shaped diaphragm with a 4-inch diameter. Do you already have an account? In Stage Accompany started an ambitious project with the aim of making a different type of loudspeaker suitable for professional applications.

They hornload them for use in pro sound reinforcement equipment. Please contribute what you can to sales audiokarma. I do not know hoe it will sound but the SA clearly indicate that the more dB per watt the merrier results are. Under practical circumstances, the Ribbon diaphragm has proved to be even stronger than the compression driver diaphragm. Experience is the best testimonial.