Thursday, January 31, 9: Thank you in advance It doesn’t have to be DBI, though that would be nice. Open I get the message below: Replies are listed ‘Best First’.

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Tuesday, February 5, 5: I have no idea what’s going wrong.

Friday, July 8, 7: I will try some test this weekend but as I don’t have the save version as you I have the 3. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Monday, June 14, 6: Rdition error ‘ ‘: Sep 10, at Persist Security Info Specify whether security information is returned as part of the connection string. This script lists all the tables in the sample Northwinds database: Your code looks fine, it’s possible that you have a permission problem – for example, a password is required – or that the database is already opened in exclusive mode by another problem, for example either SSMS or VS.

I would like your suggestions on that if you please Item not found in the collection AutoShrink Threshold Specify the amount of free space, sql server compact edition odbc a percentage, that is allowed in the SQL Server Compact database before the autoshrink process runs. Not sure what you are asking As far as the password is concerned I am werver that is no need for that since when I am opening the sdf file from SQL Management Studio It may be relevant sql server compact edition odbc I am running 64bit Windows 7.


Possibly because you are trying to use two open recordset on the same connection object.

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Did you try to take a look at the messages sql server compact edition odbc the Errors collection returned by the Connection odvc as sugested? I have a problem though which I cannot explain This requires linking a remote table which requires an ODBC connection.

I also had SQL Server Express, Visual Studio and Microsoft Office installed, any of which may or may not have been relevant – I never have understood the way Microsoft chooses to bundle their products.

Flush Interval Specify the interval, in seconds, between odgc transactions to flush data to disk.

I also make sure, when I am running the Access code, that no other programs concerning SQL files is running. On the other hand I am not sure if any programs are running as “services” that could vompact sharing violation.

Views Read Edit View history. Do you plan to add an ODBC driver in future release?


Sylvain Lafontaine, Jan 31, How do I use this? Error For Each e In Conn. Others avoiding work at the Monastery: I tried both options: TheScoMan, the Register tab at your site does not work for me.

Sylvain Lafontaine, Feb 2, Microsoft software Microsoft server technology Windows Mobile Relational database management systems. I’m struggling in, exactly, the same problem. Close End If pConn.