The U3 abstains from coloring the sound, and significantly tames the effects of the chosen digital cable. Posted April 29, Overall sound seems a little too laid back. The short answer is that it appeared, from what I had read, to do everything I needed. Is it dramatic versus the U3 by itself?

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Connectors have a particular good treatment that deliver a prosperous yet warm image through their gold plated RCA and XLR Neutrik plugs. It’s fair to think of the U3 as a bit of a blood thinner and accelerator like a shot of caffeine. But also the realization that standard Stelllo quality files, that is After all, it’s only 0’s and 1’s, right? I just started the research, but no dealer in town carries any units by any manufacturer. While Bitperfect is really very good I just prefer PM.

LED on front panel.

Since the U3 draws mA, it is well within that spec. Tonality, soundstage, sense of pace and instrument placement are otherwise equivalent.

Stello U3 review. Personal thoughts. – DAC – Digital to Analog Conversion – Computer Audiophile

In your equipment summary, you show Pure Music and Bit Perfect. One of the advantages of a vacuum tube output stage, as is the case with the EAR DAC, is its inherent spatial integrity.

Does it have it’s own sonic signature Feeding the Idat, both deliver very believable vocals. Transparency is perfect evidence, like the feeling of being totally free of color on the medium range.


And that’s where April Music’s Stello U3 comes in. We’ll also be launching matching M1 monaural amps.

April Music Stello U3 /24 USB Converter | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

The findings were quite startling, especially since I didn’t expect much of a difference. Input 1 USB 2. The latter is thus positioned in the middle of this open floor plan without the usual nearby back wall. Well, the good side is that it’s got very low ripple thanks to its Class A design, the bad one is that you could almost cook an egg on it Having inadvertently become a U3 convert er —and we already know that the U3 is built into the Eximus—I was naturally steloo curious what the rest of the DP-1’s circuitry would bring to the table.

Yet it is possible that, using my amp with a Stax SR which is easier to driveor the same SR headphone with a Blue Hawaii SE so, in both cases, the very top end of high-end headphone audiothe small nuances will become more acute, and become relevant to some people.

More precisely, it was stelllo calculated move designed to take advantage of a maturing technology that in the span of just a few years sprouted from infancy to a relatively mature state.

Stello U3: async USB to coax & AES/EBU transport

The U3 demonstrated the exception. It requires pairing the right pieces of electronics to get the expected result; today, we are in front of a very stringent product, but so stringent that a mistake of taste is not to exclude. Dunno why they don’t update, maybe because the 1. This Idat Mobile, driven by battery power and modded in several ways by John Wright at Museatex, has an analogue sound.


So, Stello offers a product which is perfectly in line with the new manufacturing standard of consumer market into providing USB components out of XMOS. I’m certainly a believer, and given the Stello U3’s affordability, makes it one of the greatest bargains in computer audio and earns it a most enthusiastic recommendation. Overall sound seems a little too laid back.

Jun 25, at 4: Thanks for a wonderful review. The incentive was far more than just a matter of convenience, of being able to manipulate hundreds of music files without rummaging through a pile of physical media. Lastly, Katie Melua is close to us, at a few inches on Piece by piece bathed in a firm and coating bass line. Savor without any restriction! It injected more light.