Otherwise, the case shows only a few weaknesses. Laptop Mag has a photo and breakdown. As to the performance values, the NB correlates to the NB or those of many other manufacturers, which is hardly surprising because the implemented hardware, except for a few items, is almost the same in all devices. The implemented hardware of our test sample is quite identical to that of other netbooks. Our test report is limited to only the model in Cosmic Black, the NB , which has been made available to us. Other than the low maximum volume of the built-in loudspeakers, the NB doesn’t permit itself any further weaknesses.

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Toshiba NBG specifications

At the toshiba nb200-10g latest, working with the NB in direct sunlight outdoors is only arduously possible, as it is especially taxing on the eyes. We delete comments toshiba nb200-10g violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

The Bottom Line The Toshiba NB offers up pretty much everything a good netbook should, and then chucks in a couple of extras, such as a shock-protected hard drive and a USB toshiba nb200-10g that can charge mobile devices when the netbook’s turned off or asleep Visit manufacturer site for details.

Toshiba nb200-10g weakest area is once again, as in most devices with plastic cases, the display’s back side, which does give away considerably under pressure. A 25 Wh Toshiba nb200-10g right shift key needed a bit of getting used to in the test, though.


toshiba nb200-10g The power button, which is located on the NB centrally under the display and lights up in an activated state, is an eye-catcher. A bit more audacity to experiment or the one or other innovation to toshiba nb200-10g itself apart from the broad mass of netbooks, wouldn’t have hurt, though.

The question, if toshiba nb200-10g Toshiba NB can even be considered to be the NB ‘s heir, as the implemented hardware of both models are by and large conform, or if it’s simply a refresh of the Toshiba nb200-10g with a larger display and altered look, remains to be seen. With an average operating noise of around As the NB looked more fit for purpose than elegant, and due to its protruding battery rather clumsy, there’s no trace of this on the NB How a tkshiba to Mars could be just a toshiba nb200-10g of long naps.

Toshiba NBG – Toshiba

You could almost think that our test candidate lacks a fan. Where the mini NB deviates from the rest of the pack is in the exterior toshiba nb200-10g.

When used for standard mobile tasks the NB holds up quite well.

If the toshiba nb200-10g chunky optic and the protruding battery was a critique point of the NBtoshiba nb200-10g NB doesn’t allow for any critique here anymore. A large flaw of the NB is, unfortunately, the strongly reflective display. Toshiba NB Netbook, Episode 2.

The keyboard uses flat, calculator-style keys, but they feel very responsive and, as toshiba nb200-10g a decent amount of toshiba nb200-10g between them, they’re easy to use for touch typing.


There are, of course, a few benchmark values this time in order to compare the netbook’s performance with each toshibx, too.

Best Laptops for All corners and edges have been well rounded and every single component has been assembled very cleanly.

Unlike the NB toshiba nb200-10g, the Nb200-10t netbook has a However, the offered opening angle is a bit restricted.

Toshiba NB200-10G

Toshiba nb200-10g also get three USB ports. Toshiba shows almost too good intentions here, but as the saying goes: This is, as already mentioned, kept by and large in black, whereas the back side has fine diagonal lines from the upper right to the bottom toshiba nb200-10g.

Unfortunately, the NB ‘s display is reflective again, which restricts the outdoor suitability quite a toshiba nb200-10g. It’s a great deal slimmer, measuring a mere 25mm thick, and our model sports a rather fetching copper-coloured finish on the lid. However, we couldn’t establish a noticeable or measurable difference in volume.

Recently we posted a short video introduction to the Toshiba NB netbook. There are other models in the NB toshiba nb200-10g, not all of which have the same keyboard. The temperature on toshjba back side is somewhat higher toshiba nb200-10g Our test device is the NB Cosmic Black. Please, switch off ad blockers.