You could have done the search yourself – http: This is more a question specifically for the Watlow drivers, not so much labview in general. Does your software communicate using the Modbus RTU protocol? Take a look at the VI when you get a chance and let me know. Message 10 of

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Look it up in the help. Once again thank you for helping with this. I want to control the F4 controller and monitor the conditions from it such as pressure rate and temperature using LabView.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

The DB-9 connector is wired to accommodate a null-modem cable. Message 5 of This is more a question specifically for the Watlow drivers, not so much labview in general. It is possible that some of the systems with a Watlow F4 have a modbus interface.

I first attempted using the Waltlow drivers but they didnt to work so I substiuted the serial-visa. Well I have it set up pretty much exactly as you have it but its still creating a soak step that “does not wait. Each junction can operate in 3 different ways dependent on the time of day. That code should be outside of the loop. Since is says that I cannont use a straight through cable I wired up a quick laabview over adapter http: I was searching around and found this from another company who uses these contollers from the same thing.


The chamber sends out information about temperature and humidity.

Solved: Using Watlow F4 Drivers – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Most Active Hardware Boards: Most Active Software Boards: Since I last posted I performed a loopback test using the Loopback. I have included the library I downloaded from NI for the F4 for reference if anyone is interested.

Right now I have not been able to establish a successful communciation. Older chambers have the baud rate set at Message 1 of The Vi’s I am using are already using Modbus and can’t communicate.

Right now you are taking the value of a double, building that into a single element 1-D double array. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Message 6 of Traffic light control system. Message 3 of There are other softwares available to communicate with a device Putty, Tera Termwhich will clarify the problem whether it is lagview problem with hardware or the LabVIEW which is not detecting.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I am using labview by the way.


Solved: Monitoring a Watlow F4 Controller – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

I have a HX circulating chiller that uses a Watlow F4 controller. Message 4 of If anyone is able to, could they resave the labview sample DDang attached to Labview version? I have a feeling I may be able to do this kabview programming a ton of simple profiles soak at X temp for infinite amount of times, then switch the another profilebut if this is the only kabview, how do I got about terminating a profile in labview and switching to another one??

Lights on the 2 roads must not be Green together but can all be Red for safety. Message 4 of